People are more likely to buy from brands they trust, so stand out from the crowd and be that trusted voice of authority.

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Why is business blogging important?

Regular blogging is used by over 75% of marketing agencies in the UK because it gives their clients an air of trusted authority as well as vastly increasing brand awareness. A consistent, well-written blog increases your clickthrough rate by on average 13 times and conversion rate by over 50%. Add to this, your Google ranking potential is far greater with well-written content at least once per week.

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Give your brand a personality

Your website is the prized showroom for the services and products you offer. Yet so many business owners become disheartened to find no one is visiting, and those who do are not converting. And the sad side effect: Google doesn’t seem to rank it at all!

Attaching a quality blog to your site can make all the difference.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘people buy from people.’ A regular blog speaks directly to your potential clients, in a language they are most likely to engage with. Because of the research that goes behind the scenes every blog post is crafted to offer your potential client base exactly the information that they desire at exactly the right time.

A blog post offers your audience FREE information and FREE advice. It can be entertaining, inspirational or educational (or all three). For this reason, people will often engage and keep coming back for more. This increased interest will also give Google a reason to increase your ranking – showing your brand to a wider audience.

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Intuitive perspectives on key industry topics

“But I don’t have time to give you topics to write about!”

This is a common cry we hear from first-time clients. Your Content Write uses all the latest tools to find out exactly what your clients are looking for help and information on (we can even tell you word for word what they are asking). This means that you can have as little or as much involvement in the creation process as you like. Most of our clients prefer to let our results speak for themselves and just watch the site increase in popularity within their chosen community.

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We understand and respect your brand

Our writers are educated to at least master’s level and have a minimum of five years industry experience. This means that when your blogs are written they are crafted to uniquely speak the voice of your brand in a way that will make them wasn’t to engage with what you have to offer.

The posts are then reviewed by an SEO consultant who determines ranking factors and optimizes the background and suggests content changes to enhance ranking potential of the content. It is only after the content has been perfected that it is published on your site.

This is one of the reasons we advise clients not to write their own content (unless of course they are professional writers and SEO experts themselves) apart from anything else coming up with a minimum of 1200 words every week (or four times a week) of quality engaging content that will drive traffic and produce site conversions is a big ask.

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Your posts shared on social media

Another common niggle we encounter from first time clients is:

“Yea, I have social media but no idea what do with it.”

Newsworthy, interesting and engaging blog posts are brilliant for social media as they increase your engagement on specific social media channels and offer users a reason to engage with your brand whilst they are already in the mindset of looking for something ‘entertaining, inspirational or educational’ – the defining qualities of a good blog post.

Rank your site on Google

Did you know that nearly half of the traffic for a specific search phrase goes to positions one and two on the first page of Google? Did you further know that by the time you get to the very top of page two approximately less than two percent of searchers even look there?

Well, now you do.

Having a regular blog vastly increases your chances of ranking on page one of Google and with the right SEO support ranking at positions one and two.

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