Google Ads and Your Content Write

You may have tried Google ads in the past and been disappointed with the result.

Pay Per Click (PPC), video ads and the Google Display Network can generate a massive level of sales in a relatively short amount of time – equally, it can be one of the fastest ways of flushing your marketing budget down the toilet!

If you don’t know what you are doing, then please leave it to the people who do it for a living. That’s us by the way.

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Google PPC Management North East – Boost Your Sales & Leads with Your content Write

Increase ROI with the right PPC campaign

For over a decade, Your Content Write has built our clients’ Pay-Per-Click Marketing strategies.

We help businesses of all sizes grow their sales by writing and managing Google AdWords campaigns and focusing on meeting key performance indicator targets—so they always know we’re working hard to exceed expectations.

Our comprehensive PPC management service provides the expertise needed to improve your conversion rate, including dynamic feed-to-campaign synchronisation and human/automated bid management systems.

Google Ads isn’t right for everyone.

Your Content Write pride ourselves on helping you get the very best service, and in so doing we cultivate fruitful and long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

If Google Ads will work for you, we’ll create and deliver a winning campaign. If you can get a better result and pay less using alternative methods, our marketing experts will advise on that too.

Google charges less for well-performing sites.

If you aren’t already doing it, do look at improving your ‘natural Google ranking’ as well as investing in a Google ads campaign. If you pay enough, you can rise to the top of Google (PPC), but Google will charge an already well performing site LESS PER CLICK that a site that has little to no engagement. So, to save on PPC expense invest in improving your natural search engine rank.

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Google PPC pricing structure

The amount you invest with us is entirely dependent upon the size of your campaign and the results we deliver. Goals and realistic expectations are set before your campaign, and you are given regular reports throughout.

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