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We all digest information differently, and what compels one person to engage with a product or service is different from another. According to 65% of the UK are visual learners and 30% are auditory, meaning they soak up audio information and actually tend to remember around 75% of it.

Cross Media Blogging combines the power of two of the most powerful audio and visual tools currently used by over 75% of the marketing agencies in the UK – blogging and podcasting – to bring you a revolutionary new service that can outperform Facebook, TikTok and even Google advertising PPC – delivering 13 times increased clickthrough rate and 6 times more conversions.

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How does Cross Media Blogging work?

You already have a website, and you’d like it to generate more traffic, convert more leads into paying clients and to rank on the first page of Google. Great, this is how we do it:

  1. A series of Longtail blog post (1,500 – 2,500 words) are written by us to entice your subscribers and clients, prompting them to opt into an email list, fill out an online form, buy a product, or simply participate and share – increasing your company’s visibility to a wider audience.

  1. Royalty free images are sourced and placed on your post to increase user engagement. The images are optimised to help the page rank on Google.

  1. The posts are carefully crafted to include the perfect number of relevant keywords and technical information to entice Google, thus boosting your rankings. Remember that 95% of all web users never venture beyond page one of Google, so being ranked on page one (preferably at positions one and two) can have a significant impact.

  1. We write an audio version of your blog post and record it with professional voice over artists, interweaving original music and sound effects where necessary.

  1. An audio player is prominently placed on your blog post so those who prefer to multitask or don’t like to read or simply don’t have the time can listen to your content simply by pressing ‘play’ on your blog post.

  1. We include a download link, so clients on the move can save the audio content on their phones or tablets and listen to the audio content as a podcast. Clients who do this can elect to receive a notification every time a new podcast is uploaded.

  1. Your blogs and audio are promoted by us throughout your social media channels with all the relevant hashtags and links necessary to increase awareness and Google ranking potential.

  1. The above process is repeated, and you receive a report at the end of every month so you can see for yourself just how effective Cross Media Blogging is in terms of Google ranking customer engagement and the all-important conversions!

Why Does Cross Media Blogging Work?

Cross Media Blogging is an innovative new service that has the power to connect your business to your ideal client base on an emotional and practical level, generating trust, authority and long-term customer loyalty.

Like you, your customers are more likely to buy from someone they know like and trust.

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Is your firm’s voice a trusted authority in the mind of your customers?

We are trained from birth to listen and react to the human voice. Now, with Cross Media Blogging you have top voice-over artists musicians and producers at your disposal, eager to give your business that literal trusted voice of authority that your clients will want to engage with, again and again.

Be inclusive to be exclusive

The audio element in Cross Media Blogging has the distinct advantage of appealing to the 20% of the population previously alienated from doing business with you and your competitors!

One in every five people in the UK has a disability, one in ten has Dyslexia and approximately three hundred and sixty thousand are blind or visually impaired (a number set to rise to two point two five million in 2025).

Make it easier for these people to consume your content and reap the financial reward.

Voice engine optimization

Rank high on the voice command platforms with Cross Media Blogging (Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Google voice…) and be among the first to benefit from your blog audio being played on these platforms as a result of a user query.

Ready-made blog content

Your content is designed to appeal only to your ideal customer, and they are given a call to action, so they can continue their journey with you. We use the latest SEO and Google tools and know exactly what your customers are looking for. This means that unless you really want to, we don’t need content ideas from you to produce regular engaging and interactive posts.

Are your competitors already Cross Media Blogging?

Unless they are clients of ours then the chances are they are not. Every business is different even if the services offered are similar, and your personalised content (audio and visual) is devised to place a spotlight on your business and stand you apart from your competition.

Fancy a Free Podcast?

Your audio blog soundtrack can also double as a high-quality podcast and be downloaded onto your client’s phone, tablet or computer for them to listen to at their leisure. Ideal for the fast-paced work environment in which we live.

There are 19.1 million podcast listeners in the UK and business podcasts are the fourth most listened to (not a bad audience to tap into).

Products and services are all provided inhouse

You have access to the combined expertise of our dedicated team of copywriters, marketers, voice-over artists, two SEO Google consultants and a studio engineer (yip just one at the moment).

Ready-made social media content

Your Cross Media Blog content is designed to appeal to your ideal customer. Branded posts are then created and shared throughout your existing social media channels, increasing outreach and customer engagement.

Instant larger audience – just add audio

By combining the podcast listeners and blog post readers in the UK (approx. 30% and 65% respectively) you have an instant and engaged audience of potential customers made from 95% of the population.

Fancy some useful audio/blog statistics?

Click below for a complete list of official statistics together with sources, but here are a few handpicked highlights:

Podcasts statistics

  1. 71% of people who listen to audio do it because it enables them to multitask.
  2. 54% say spoken-word audio engages their mind in a more positive way than other media.
  3. There will be approximately 28 million podcast listeners in the UK by 2026.
  4. 40% of UK podcast listeners are aged 26 to 35.
  5. 44% of the UK population listens to podcasts while driving.
  6. In 2021, £46 million were spent on podcast advertising in the United Kingdom.
  7. More than half of podcast listeners are more likely to consider buying from a brand after hearing its advertisement on a podcast.

Takeaway –

Podcasts humanise your brand and make it more trusted, authoritative and approachable. A regular podcast caters for those unable to (or unwilling to) sit and read a blog post. It serves more effectively many of your clients who prefer to consume content on the move on a phone, tablet or other mobile device.

Blogging Statistics

  1. Businesses with blogs get 55% more website visitors than those without one.
  2. Blogs are a great way to keep a website updated with fresh content.
  3. Blog posts can be the foundation of social media posts to reach customers.
  4. Blogging can help you rank high on Google by more than 371%.
  5. 84% of people buy products based on blogs.
  6. Those aged 18-34 rate blogs as the most important source before purchasing.
  7. Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads.

Takeaway –

Having a blog on your website can be a huge advantage to your marketing strategy. It’s much more cost-effective than many other forms of advertising whilst providing the same benefits (increased visibility, awareness, and traffic to your website). Unlike Google or social media pay-per-click ads, a successful blog post can repeatedly attract and convert site visitors, resulting in an ROI many times higher than its cost.

Cross Media Blogging Takeaway:

It is easy to see how by regularly combining the power of podcasting, blogging, Google SEO and marketing you have the potential to build a genuine connection with more of your ideal customers whilst promoting your existing customers to brand ambassadors who will promote your product or service helping you dominate the marketplace!

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