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Whether you need financial investment or simply want to attract the input of a key player in your industry, a well-written business proposal tailored to facilitate their desire to communicate with you (and only you) can be key.

It is unlikely that you are alone in your marketplace, so attracting the attention of exactly the right people, with an exclusive offer, presented in a way that will make them want to take advantage of your proposal can be the missing ingredient that separates you from your competition.

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We Create Proposals to Help You Win Contracts and Generate Revenue

If you’re looking to capitalize on a business opportunity and make a professional, convincing offer, your business proposal has the potential to increase sales and profits by advertising your product to key industry players.

Our experts in writing business proposals are experts in creating a convincing business proposal to draw in businesses and government organizations. Additionally, we will assist you in presenting your products and services to potential consumers and furthering your project.

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Our Business Proposal Writers Understand Your Business Goals and Strategies

Proposal writing comes within the realm of technical writing that not everyone can do. We have seasoned business proposal writers who know what it takes to create customized business proposals. They consult with you, conduct market analysis and research, and write/edit the perfect draft that will generate revenue for your business.

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We take the time to know you, your business and come up with a strong business proposal that reflects your goals.

We provide a service that offers extensive market research and the ability to determine your business’s growth plan based on your specific requirements. We create tailored business proposals for small businesses, startups and large corporations.

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Proofreading your existing proposal.

Having the eagle eye of a professional proofreader and marketer can make a world of difference when considering whether to send an important proposal to a third party.

Typically we check for typical grammatical and spelling errors but also delve into the content and suggest edits and changes where appropriate to give your proposal the best possible chance of success.

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Our Writers Typically Create Two Types of Business Proposals:

  1. Tailored Business Proposal – You may need a proposal written to uniquely match the wants and needs of a specific company or individual. This proposal will need to show that you understand their desires and goals and furthermore that your product or service is uniquely placed to satisfy their need.

Following a fact-finding conversation with you, our team get to work conducting all the necessary research on your target recipient to produce a proposal that will keep you front of mind.

  1. Multiple recipient proposal – You may not have a specific recipient in mind, but rather a specific ‘type’ of recipient, perhaps from a designated industry sector or job role. In this case, our research and presentation will have a slightly more generic feel whilst still catering to your desired audience.

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