How To Blog For Maximum Attention (Part 1)

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How does your blog strategy stand in the most crowded of market places and inspire clients to want to engage with you?

Traditional business schools may tell you to define your USP’s and make sure they are in your blog. – i.e. what is it that you offer that other people don’t?

Not a bad idea – I mean that’s what 80% of the other businesses are doing. What if you want to stand out from the shadows of the other 80%?

I’ll ask you a question and your answer to that question may guide you on the path to the answer to which you’ve been searching.

What would inspire you to select a never before tried company (at least by you) over another?

I’m guessing not much. I mean the new company is a risk. You know nothing about them. Perhaps all you have received is an initial sales message, with a purchase offer that is ‘Too Good to Be True!’

  • People are EMOTIONAL.
  • People buy because it FEELS right.
  • People WANT A SOLUTION to their problems.
  • People WANT TO BE CONVINCED that YOUR solution is the right one!
  • It’s your job to do just that that.

This is how I do it…

Firstly, I come from a place where I WANT to serve those who need my help.

I look for people who would benefit from my help and I get to know them.

I will give away as much help and advice as I can for FREE, usually by blog or social media.

If people want to take the next step then they can subscribe to my mailing list in which they will get more in-depth help and advice for FREE.

The people on my mailing list have seen my REGULAR BLOG AND SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS. They have used my methods and know they work. They are no longer standing confused in a market place wondering where to find their answers.

When I release information that comes at a cost then people know (because of my track record) that my help and advice is absolutely worth their time and immediate attention. They are not just willing, but they WANT TO INVEST in that help because they recognise what that product will do for them.

I’ve described very basically a funnel where you meet another living human being online, do as much as you can for them AND GET PAID FOR IT.

I hope this has helped.



If you would like more in-depth advice please feel free to subscribe to my mailing list.

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